Are You a Craft Hoarder? These 6 Signs Can Tell You

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Are You a Craft Hoarder? These 6 Signs Can Tell You

Honey, you’re becoming a hoarder. This is a statement that everyone – even those that know with 100% certainty that they don’t have a hoarding problem – should take seriously. The issue with hoarders is that they never think they have a hoarding problem.

Are you a craft hoarder? No way. One more decorative pot added to the corner won’t hurt. Right?

And then you’ll want more and more until eventually someone steps in and says “you have a problem.” Or, they gasp when they see your crafting room – and it isn’t because it is filled with your one-of-a-kind creations.

There are several signs that you may be a craft hoarder. If you can relate to one or many of these signs, the rumors may be true: you’re a craft hoarder.

1. Ribbon Becomes Your Best Friend

Ribbon is great, and every crafty person will have a lot of ribbon at their disposal. But when you stay up at night thinking about the ribbon you saw at the store and decided not to buy, it’s time to sit down and realize you might have a problem.

2. Supplies Are Piling Up Everywhere

Supplies can easily pile up. And when you start finding more “piles” and just start storing your supplies vertically everywhere, there’s a problem. You know: craft piles near the bed, couch, baby’s crib and of course, in your dedicated craft room.

3. The Craft Room Looks Like a Tornado Hit It

Your craft room was once tidy. You have bins and organizers everywhere, but now, there seems to be no room left. No matter what you do, there are craft supplies covering every inch of space you have.

If this is you and the thought of throwing out the excess crafts makes you cringe, you may need an intervention.

4. You Have More Fabric Scraps Than Clothes

Fabric scraps are so versatile and you never know when you’ll need that perfect scrap to finish your next craft. But if you’d rather get divorced than throw out a few scraps, it may be time to sit down and reevaluate your crafting addiction.

5. The Button Bin Weighs More Than a 3-year Old

Remember that button bin that you struggle to close? Well, it could be (maybe) that you have so many buttons that you don’t need anymore. But this is just a gut feeling – no one knows for sure.

When your button bin weighs more than your 3-year old niece or nephew, it’s time to either feed your niece or nephew more, or scale back on your button habit. Hopefully, you choose the latter.

6. The Car’s Trunk is Too Small

A funny conversation that a friend had with me once went a little something like this: “my car truck is too small to fit all of my crafts from the store. I think I need a bigger car.” And I replied “is it the trunk, or are you buying too many crafts?”

She replied: “maybe I went a little overboard with my crafts.”

And we both laughed because every craft hoarder has a moment when they can’t possibly squeeze another craft in their trunk without popping a tire in the process.

If you can relate to any of the above six points, you, too, may have craft problem.

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