How to Make a Headband That’s Stylish in 9 Easy-to-Follow Steps

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How to Make a Headband That’s Stylish in 9 Easy-to-Follow Steps

When kids want a cute headband that they can wear, it’s not something that you should run to the nearest store and buy. Instead, you can use this time to make a headband that you and your child will love.

And if you want to make a headband for yourself, there is no shame in that either.

I’ve been known to make my own headbands because I have a quirky style – a style that is different from what you would find in any local store. The best part is I don’t need to spend a lot of money in the process either.

Let’s learn how to make a headband from start to finish. Are you ready?


Materials You’ll Need to Get Started

Headbands are normally boring. Clear or plain in color, you can beautify your headband to be the ideal fit for you. Now, I recommend buying a cheap headband because the plastic is hard to make otherwise. So, you’ll buy the headband for the function while using the duct take to make your headband stylish.

And don’t be afraid to choose a thick headband – they’re the perfect fashion statement.

Most of the magic will come from the duct tape you choose. You’ll be surprised by just how many different designs and pattern options are available with duct tape. From colorful options to cheetah print, you can add a bit of flair to any headband with duct tape.

  1. Pull off a long strip of duct tape.
  2. Cut the tape down the length (in half) of the tape.
  3. Place the tape half on the edge and half off the edge of the headband.
  4. Clip off any excess as needed. Make sure to stretch it tight and to remove bumps and air bubbles.
  5. Clip the tape in rows to allow for easy folding. A half an inch or less apart is ideal.
  6. Pull and fold the strips on the underside (so the seams are hidden) of the headband.
  7. Continue until it’s perfectly folded over.
  8. Place an additional full-length and width piece on the top of the band to provide a nice smooth look.
  9. Trim all of the excess material.

Quick and easy, you now have a stylish headband to use any time you want. You can choose to cover the side of the band against your head, too, but it’s not necessary because it will remain hidden during wear.

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